Best Full Body Fat Lose Exercises

If your goal is fat loss, try these exercises these exercises designed to burn fat. This is a full body fat loss and burn fat, 10 minute home workout. These full body exercises will help show you how to lose full body fat.

00:00 Quarter Crunch
00:38 Crunch Floor
1:12 Rest
1:45 Sit-Up
2:20 Elbow to Knee Sit Ups
2:53 Rest
3:25 Lying Raised Shoulders Windshield Wiper
4:01 Lying Scissor Kick
4:35 Rest
5:07 Seated Twist
5:43 Twisting Crunch
6:17 Rest
6:49 Cocoon
7:25 Hollow Hold
7:59 Rest
8:31 Alternate Downward Dog
9:07 Downward Dog

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