Best Exercises for Your Chest

The best chest exercises for men and women help tone your entire upper body, including your arms. Trainers recommend adding these moves to chest. Check out these at-home bodyweight chest workouts and exercises to build a bigger, stronger chest from the comfort of your living room.

0:00 Kneeling Clock Push-up
0:46 Rest
0:56 Push-up in Child Pose
1:38 Rest
1:48 Kneeling Shoulder Tap Push-up
2:30 Rest
2:41 Fly Push-Up
3:23 Rest
3:33 Hands Release Push-up
4:15 Rest
4:26 Diamond Push-up (on knees)
5:08 Rest
5:18 Kneeling pec stretch
5:58 Hand-up
6:38 Roll pec foam rolling
7:20 Pec Stretch

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