Best Bicep Exercises You Should Be Doing (Dumbbell Only)

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0:00 Dumbbell Alternate Biceps Curl
0:39 Dumbbell Biceps Curl
1:19 Dumbbell Revers grip Biceps Curl
1:59 Dumbbell Standing Biceps Curl v.2
2:39 Dumbbell Seated Alternate Biceps Curl
3:19 Dumbbell Incline Biceps Curl
3:59 Dumbbell Incline Inner Biceps Curl
4:39 Dumbbell Standing Inner Biceps Curl v.2
5:19 Dumbbell Drag Bicep Curl
5:59 DB Cross Body Bicep Curl

What are 5 exercises for biceps?
What are 4 exercises for biceps?
What are the 6 exercises for biceps?
What are 3 exercises for the bicep at home?
Which dumbbell exercise is best for biceps?

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