At-Home Strength Workout CHALLENGE!

Quick hello to my son Ari in our intro but this is an amazing fully body workout for all fitness levels! This style of workout will target your lower body, uppey body, and your core. Grab some weights and let’s workout!

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In today’s workout we will work for 4 minutes straight as you complete 10 reps of two exercises as many rounds as possible in 4 minutes. The last minute in our 4 minute work period is an ALL OUT CHALLENGE which means you work even hard to close out each 4 minute working set. In between each 4 minute work period you will rest for 60 seconds. Make sure you focus on the quality of reps that you complete in each circuit. I used my 10-50lb dumbbells for my exercises today but grab the weights that work for you!

The Exercises:
1.Sumo Squat tap downs
2. Single arm underhand rows
3. Plank Walk overs
4. Glute bridges
5. Front Squats
6. Shoulder press
7. Reverse Lunges
8. Seated twists
9. Front Raises
10. Heel Lifted Squats
11. Jackknives
12. Push Up Rows
13. Lateral Lunges
14. Snatch and Push Press

0:00 – Intro
0:16 – Warm Up
3:16 – Sumo Squats and Underhand Rows
8:16 – Glute Bridges & Planks
13:16 – Front Squats & Shoulder Press
18:16 – Reverse Lunges & Seated Twists
23:16 – Heel Lifted Squats & Front Raises
28:16 – Jackknives & Push Up Rows
33:16 – Lateral Lunges & Snatches
38:16- Cooldown and Motivation

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