Arms and Abs HIIT Workout – 40 Minute

Oh my goodness…the fire finisher! You’re going to LOVE this workout! I had such a good time with this workout, I’m sure you will too so grab your dumbbells and let’s crush it!

In today’s workout we will work for 30 seconds for each exercise and rest for 15 seconds. We will complete 3 rounds of each superset before moving on to the next exercise. After we complete two exercises we will take a 60 seconds rest. Make sure to keep your dumbbells moving today and keep an intense tempo on every contraction whether that be a push or a pull. Your intensity is determined by how hard you work so don’t doubt yourself, push harder and be explosive in your efforts!

The Exercises:
1. Alternating Bent Rows
2. Chest press
3. Sit up and twist
4. Criss Cross abs
5. Hammer curls
6. Tricep Extensions
7. Bicycles
8. Sit up Circuit
9. Alternating Front Raise
10. Lateral Raises
11. Plank Up Downs
12. Inchworm Crunches
13. Seated Tricep Extensions
14. Shoulder Press Abs

0:00 – Intro
0:18 – Warm Up
3:18 – Bent Rows
5:20 – Chest Press
7:35 – REST
8:34 – Sit up and Criss Cross Circuit
12:50 – REST
13:50 – Curls and Tricep Extensions
18:05 – REST
19:05 – Bicycles and Sit ups
23:20 – REST
24:20 – Front Raises & Side Raises
28:35 – REST
29:35 – Plank Up Downs & Inchworms
33:50 – REST
34:50 – Seated Abs and Arms Finisher
39:07 – Cool Down and Motivation

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