Are you looking for stronger, more defined arms — the type of arms you can show off? If toned and sculpted arms are what you’re looking for, try these strength training arm exercises.
0:00 ►
0:10 ► Standing overhead extensions
0:31 ► DB Skull Crushers
1:07 ► Cable high curls
1:36 ► Cable Pushdown
2:00 ► Cable Curl
2:28 ► Isometric hammer curls
3:04 ► Standing hammer curls
3:38 ► DB Alternate Bicep Curl
4:08 ► Cable Pushdown (rope attachment)
4:33 ► Barbell Reverse Curl
4:58 ► Banded+DB Preacher Curl
5:31 ► Chin-Up
6:10 ► Tricep & Bicep
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