Abs Workout Plan (28 Days to Six Pack)

No equipment needed, just use your bodyweight to workout at home. Keep fit and lose belly fat with workout for men and women. Get that defined abs! Its a new ab routine for you, and I think you’re going to love this new fun workout:

00:00 Leg Raise on Floor (rest 15-20 sec)
00:38 Alternate Toe Tap Lift (rest 15-20 sec)
1:13 Heel Touches (rest 15-20 sec)
1:49 90 Degree Hell Touch (rest 15-20 sec)
2:25 V-Sit Cross Punch (rest 15-20 sec)
3:01 Russian Twist (rest 15-20 sec)
3:36 Crunch (arms straight) (rest 15-20 sec)
4:11 Twisting Crunch on Floor (rest 15-20 sec)
4:47 Alternate Oblique Crunch R
5:22 Alternate Oblique Crunch L (rest 15-20 sec)
5:58 Lying Obliques Crunch R
6:34 Lying Obliques Crunch L

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