Abs Workout (Abdominal Exercises)

You don’t always need equipment to reduce belly fat. Sometimes, the weight of your own body is enough. By exercising the internal and external obliques the stomach can be flattened. This at-home ab workout includes some of the best ab exercises like:

00:00 Elevated Cycling
00:38 Seated In Out Leg Raise on Floor
1:13 Crunch Frog On Floor
1:47 Rest
1:58 Lying Crunch R
2:32 Lying Crunch L
3:09 Crunch Lying Elbow to Knee L
3:45 Crunch Lying Elbow to Knee R
4:21 Frog Crunch
4:54 Rest
5:05 Alternate Leg Pull
5:41 Opposite Crunch
6:16 Half Seated Leg Circle
6:49 Rest
7:01 Sitting Crunch
7:37 Seated Twist (straight arm)
8:12 V-sit

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