Abs Exercises with Dumbbells

Dumbbell Abs is a workout that proves you can’t lift a weight with just your arms. Activating the body’s kinetic chains requires a strong core and abs, especially if the power transfer is to be as lossless as possible. This is a workout that will put your abs and core to the test. Abs exercises with dumbbells at home. Dumbbell exercises for abs for ladies, Abs exercises with dumbbells for men. Best abs exercises with dumbbells, ab workout with dumbbells standing, ab workout with weights female

00:00 Dumbbell Crunch
00:42 Side bridge with bent leg R
1:18 Side bridge with bent leg L
1:52 Rest 30s
2:25 Straight Arm Crunch
3:05 Straight Arm Twisting Sit-up
3:44 Rest 30s
4:16 Front Plank Arm Raise
4:56 Side Plank with Rear Fly R
5:37 Side Plank with Rear Fly L
6:16 Rest 30s
6:49 Straight Leg Russian Twist
7:29 Z-Press
8:07 Rest 30s
8:40 V-up
9:21 Side bridge R
9:56 Side bridge L
10:30 Rest 30s
11:03 Windshield
11:43 Twisting Crunch (on bench)

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