A letter to my Son | Ari’s 1st Birthday

The best year of our lives was the first year of yours, Ari!

Thank you to everyone who has gone on this journey with me since announcing my pregnancy in December 2021! Ari is 1! This past year has been the best and fastest year of my life and I am so thankful for a community who has embraced me as your trainer through every phase of my life. This little man has changed my world in the best way and gives more meaning and purpose to everything I do. I want him to be proud of his mama! Living a happy, healthy, and strong life means something so much deeper when you realize that all of these things benefit the people you love.

Happy 1st Birthday Ari Drew and a huge message of gratitude to you watching this video. Your support has meant the world to me this year. Help me wish my son (and our training partner Sept ’21-June ’22!) a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!