8 Min Standing Exercises At Home

There is probably never a better time to do a home alone workout than when we are at home and in need of a workout. Home workout then lives up to its name by providing a lower and upper body workout that will make you feel like you’ve been moving a lot outside even when you’ve never left the house!

0:00 Front Kick in Place
0:40 Chest Fly Side Step
1:20 Corner Touch
2:01 Overhead Jack
2:41 Stepjack Inner Biceps Curl
3:22 Calf Raise Clap
4:02 Stepback Corner Touch
4:42 Squat Press Down Twist
5:23 Circular Toe Touch
6:04 Knee Raise Step Jack
6:44 Stepback with Push
7:24 Hamstring Curl with Punche

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