6 Biggest Biceps Mistakes to Avoid (SCIENCE BASED)

If you can’t get big biceps no matter what you do, you are likely making one or more of these 6 biceps mistakes. In this video, I am going to show you the 6 biggest biceps training mistakes you are likely making that is keeping you from having big arms. Not only am I going to help you identify the biceps workout mistakes you are making, but I am also going to show you how to fix them using science so that you can get bigger, fuller biceps.

This list starts with a test, however. I want you to flex your biceps and see if you can feel any cramping or discomfort. If not, try supinating your forearm as much as possible while you flex. Still not feeling it? Raise your elbow up to the level of your shoulder while flexing. If you still don’t feel any discomfort in your biceps, then you don’t have a good mind muscle connection and that’s something that needs to be addressed.

That brings me to the first mistake you are making when it comes to biceps training. You are not lifting the weight the right way. If you are simply curling the weight up and thinking of just going from point A to point B, you’re doing it wrong. Instead, I want you to think of going from A to Z and hitting every letter in-between. What that means is that you need to slow down every repetition that you do. You should automatically feel a difference in forcing the biceps to do as much work as possible while avoiding using other elbow flexors like the brachialis and the brachioradialis.

Biceps mistake number two is forcing yourself to curl with a neutral wrist. The fix is easy, just bend your wrists back while you curl. Not only will you feel a greater contraction in the biceps, but you will forcing them to do more work. Why? Having your wrists in extension while curling will take the contribution of your forearms out of the exercise which will lead to them doing more work and giving them a better chance to grow.

Mistake number three is based on the bad advice you’ve been given. Likely, when it comes to building big biceps, you are told that it doesn’t matter how many curls or what curls you do, you just need to get enough volume. That’s incorrect. Based on the anatomy of the biceps, the long head and short head are influenced differently. Specific exercises will preferentially influence one head over the other. Think about how the long head of the biceps crosses the shoulder joint and is better influenced by utilizing curls that put the muscle on stretch, such as the incline curl. Keeping your arms in front of you would do a better job of targeting the short head since you are in greater shoulder flexion as opposed to extension. It’s important to incorporate both types of exercises in order to optimally grow both heads of the biceps. Thinking that just one is enough is incorrect.

When it comes to biceps training mistakes, number four is a big one; falling in love with a “magic” exercise. This comes in the form of people advocating that all you need is an exercise that puts the muscle on stretch. The problem, as I mentioned before, is you are ignoring short head focused exercises. If you had to choose one biceps exercise to do, would it be the incline curl or a heavy cheat curl with a slow eccentric? I would argue that you should choose the cheat curl.

The terminal stretch focus is not more impactful than a heavy weight that is being controlled through the eccentric. Remember, the eccentric is the lengthening of the muscle under tension. With much higher tension, wouldn’t you agree that it is more likely to build more muscle?

Mistake number five is always curling with both arms at the same time. What’s the problem here? Well, it’s twofold; muscular imbalances and core demand. When it comes to muscle imbalances, curling a barbell will hide one arm being weaker than the other because one will be doing more work than the other in order to lift that barbell. When it comes to core demand, lifting the weight at the same time forces your core to stabilize your body as the weight travels up and back. To fix this, you should also be incorporating some unilateral work where you curl one dumbbell at a time.

Keep watching the video for not only mistake number six, but a bonus mistake as well as their fixes.

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