5MIN Total Body Workout (Burn Fat and Build Muscle)

When many people think of losing weight, one of the first things that comes to mind is getting a totally toned and taut tummy. After all, who doesn’t want to be able to slip into a pair of jeans without having to deal with a muffin top? Plus, losing belly fat is a surefire way to improve your health: Research links a larger waist size to heart disease, diabetes, and even some cancers. That said, we hate to break it to you, but doing hundreds of crunches every day isn’t the best way to lose belly fat. In fact, exercises that promote spot reduction just don’t exist. We have prepared for you the best exercises for burning fat all over the body:
1. Front Raise Jacks into Jacks with Ankle Taps
2. Elbow to Knee into Jack Flys
3.Squat Taps into V Jumps
4. Side Kicks into Front Kicks
5. Squat Shuffle into Leg Tucks
6. Side Twist Pulses
7. Side Lunges into Burpees
8. Jacks into Jack Slides
9. Bear Plank Jacks into Leg Tucks with Shoulder Taps
10. Push-Ups into Toe Touches with Mountain Climbers
11 Squat Jack Punches into Jacks
12 Sprinter Lunges into Knee Drives
13 Knee Drives into Toe Touches
14 Single Leg RDLs into Knee Drives with Side Lunge Pulses
15 Jacks into Side Lunge Jumps
16 Squat Taps with Rotating Jumps
17 V Sit-Ups Alternating Sides
18 Low Plank Front Raises
19 Toe Taps into Straight Leg Twist
20 Sec ON 🥵 10 Sec OFF 🤗
Repeat all exercises for 3-4 Rounds💪🏾
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