5 UNIQUE & Useful/USELESS Fitness Products

The Goods ↓↓↓↓
➡ Genesis Jack: https://klevabuilt.com/products/genesis-jack-2-0
➡ James Hook: https://www.oakclubmfg.com/store/p1/thejameshook
➡ Hammerhead Fit Press : https://www.hammerheadfitpress.com/product-page/the-haammerhead
➡ Iron Neck: https://www.garagegymreviews.com/the-iron-neck-review
➡ NLI T-Bell: https://nextlevel.training/products/perfect-deadlift

There are a lot smaller, unique pieces of gym equipment on the market today. Some are useful, others not so much. So, today I want to show you a five different pieces that I think are helpful and one that I think is overhyped. Enjoy!

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