5 Tips to Improve Your Squat #shorts

Check out the 5 most important areas for you to address to improve your Squat

Tighten Your Setup
-Squeeze your upper back together
-Pull your elbows toward each other
-Move your grip closer

360 Degrees of Pressure
-Imagine breathing down and out into your obliques, shoulders shouldn’t rise
-Create as wide of a waist as possible
-Don’t just breathe into your belly, as this can put you into too much lumbar extension

Knees and Hips Together
-Initiate the squat by bending your knees and hips at the same time
-Not knees forward or hips back, just a natural unhinging of both

Big Toe Pressure
-To fight against overcueing towards ‘weight on the heels’ or excessive sitting back
-Aim for even pressure between big toe, little toe and heel

Back into the Bar
-Create equal pressure with your back into the bar, as your feet into the floor
-Actively drive your upper back into the bar as your first move out of the hole

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