5 Things To Do Post Competition

There’s always a lot of talk about the importance of preparation before a competition, but what happens after that? Here’s our top 5 tips on what you should do post competition to set yourself up for success.

Reflect: Write down things you did well and things you’d like to improve. The best time to do this may not be immediately after the meet, especially if you didn’t have your ideal performance. Wait a few hours when you’re less emotional and can objectively think about ways to improve while also giving yourself credit for things that went well. The best athletes in the world always reflect on past performances.

Rest: Have a post competition rest and recovery plan. While it’s great to have that athlete mindset, you also do yourself a huge disservice and can potentially burn out if you don’t take some time to really rest; both physically and mentally. Ideally, the week after the meet, you should do some non-powerlifting physical activity, things you enjoy outside the gym to get the blood flowing and promote recovery.

Find Your Motivation: Competing is not for everyone and maybe it didn’t really give your training the purpose you needed. If something doesn’t bring you joy, then don’t do it and find the thing that does.

Create An Annual Plan: Whether you loved competing or not it’s still very important to give your training structure, keep your body healthy, and maximize your performance.

Reward Yourself: Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or it’s your first meet, you did it! You set a goal and saw it through, so treat yourself.

What are some things you do post competition?

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