45 Minute BEST Butt Workout | STF 2023 – Day 27

This epic glutes workout will not disappoint! Warm up, get to work, and cool down in a way that can truly grow your strong glutes. Sydney takes you through all the movement patterns and exercises that target the glutes the best!

We will work for 4 rounds of each exercise for 40 seconds with 20 seconds of rest between each round. We will be operating in straight sets so we will complete all 4 working sets for each exercise before we move on to the next exercise. I want you to use 75-85% of your max weights for exercises 2-6 and I want you to try and increase your weight or resistance at least once if you can. I will use my bench for split squats, glute bridges, and bench hypers so pull yours out if you have one! I also use my glute resistance bands for our warm up circuit, glute bridges, bench hypers, and fire hydrants.

The Exercises:
Intro 0:00-1:30
Warm Up: 1:35-4:38
1. Band Activation 4:39-10:39
2. DB Back Squats 10:59-14:38
3. Single Leg RDL 15:29-19:10
4. Bulgarian Split Squats 20:00-27:40
5. Glute Bridges 28:39-32:19
6. Bench Hypers 33:10-36:49
7. Fire Hydrants 37:39-45:20
Cool Down and Motivation 45:21-50:16

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