40 Minute Upper Body AMRAP Workout – Strength Training PLUS CARDIO! STF – Day 12

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Are you ready to crush this workout together? Today we are utilizing the training variables around endurance and stabilization to push your body to build muscles and boost your metabolism to start losing body fat. Make sure you give the video a thumbs up, comment, and subscribe to the channel!

We will work for 4 minutes and complete 12 reps of two exercises as many rounds as possible in that 4 minutes. After that, we will have a 60 second rest for you to breathe and get set up for the next 4 minutes. You will use weights that are 50 to 70% of your max weight for each exercise to be able to perform more reps powerfully and you will move your body slowly in eccentric portion with a slight pause before powerfully finishing the rep. Think of moving slow to keep your stabilization and then exploding back to the start position.

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1. Left Arm Press and Step 
2. Right Arm Press and Step
3. Overhead Extension
4. Tricep Kickbacks
5. Hammer Curls 
6. Supinated Curls
7. Lateral Raises
8. Lateral Slides
9. Skull Crushers
10. Mountain Climbers
11. Curl Pulses 
12. High Knee Taps
13. Curl Press Tricep Extension 
14. Lateral Hops over DB

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0:00 – Intro
0:41 – Warm Up
3:41 – Shoulder Presses
8:41 – OH Extension and Tricep Kickbacks
13:41 – Hammer Curls and Supinated Curls
18:41 – Lateral Raises and Lateral Slides
23:41 – Skull Crushers and Mountain Climbers
28:41 – Curl Pulses and High Knee Taps
33: 41 – Curl/Press/Tricep Extension and Hops
37:41 – Cool Down and Motivation