40 Minute Standing Upper Body Abs Workout | PRIME – Day 14

Let’s break a little sweat with this upper body and abs workout! Welcome to PRIME’s 40-minute Arms and Abs session today! This routine is designed to target your back muscles and bicep muscles while getting your heart rate up ensuring a well-rounded training session. Keep an eye on our Up Next window for smooth transitions and make the most of your rest periods.

Today, we’re diving into the power of supersets! Each circuit will include two strength exercises and a cardio exercise so make sure you are ready to work your muscles and heart rate throughout our time together. Push yourself to the limit and embrace the challenge. Listen to your body and work hard!

Our workout includes a personalized Warm-Up and Cool-Down to optimize your session. Grab your dumbbells and your bench and let’s crush this one together.

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Push Press
Wood chopper Right

Bent Rows 
Wood Chopper Left

Hammer Curls 
Standing Twists

Back Flyes 
Straight Arm Knee to elbow 

Supinated curls
Cross body knee to elbow 

Wide Row and Curl
Step back and twist

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