40 Minute Full Body & Plank Challenge Workout | RESULT – Day 11

It’s a great day for a full body workout and a plank challenge to close it out! Warm up and cool down included so grab your water, your dumbbells and let’s get started!

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Today’s workout has 45 second work periods and 15 seconds rests and you will crush 3 rounds of every exercise. Push for power and hold with strength, we are going to crush this workout!

In this third week of workouts for RESULT we will be focusing on CORE TO THE CORE…expect unilateral work, rotational and anti-rotation work, posterior and anterior core work, and a large focus on core activation throughout everything we will do via breathing cues. The core is not just your six pack abs, but your back muscles, your obliques, your deep transverse abs, your internal obliques, and a few more. Your core helps you flex (crunch), extend (supermen), rotate (seated twists), not rotate too far (wood choppers), hold and protect your spine (planks), and lift from a frontal angle (side planks), as well as helping you balance through strength moves, especially those where there is a resistance load on only one side of the body. We will be experiencing challenges in all these ways throughout the way so you can forever connect to the powerhouse center of your body!

1. Chest Press and Glute Bridge Hold
2. Leg raise and abduction
3. Slanted shoulder Press arching over
4. Renegade rows
5. Fire Hydrant left
6. Fire Hydrant right
7. Kneeling alt tricep kickbacks
8. Kneeling Rear delt fly
9. Plank series up and down
10. Side plank top leg lift, bend, tap back
11. Side plank top leg lift, bend, tap back
12. Plank pulses, side to side, pike to floor hip tap alternating


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