40 Minute Arms and Abs Challenge Workout | Breakthrough – Day 14

Welcome to your upper body and abs challenge workout! Get ready for the pump and grab the weights that challenge you and think about all the lean muscle you are bringing to life! If you want fit, toned arms, and strong abs, this is the workout for you!

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In today’s workout we will work for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds and complete 3 rounds of every exercise. The training variables we are aiming for this month are strength and improving your conditioning so make sure you’re grabbing weights in the 75%-85% of your max weights range. Grab your water and be ready to get your heart rate up as we tone up with this strength workout!

The Exercises:
1.    DB Sit Ups
2.        Tricep OH Extension
3.        Hammer curls
4.        Seated Tucks
5.        Skull Crushers
6.        Supinated curls
7.        Single Arm Sit Ups
8.        Kickbacks
9.        Curls
10.      Leg raises
11.      Straight arm sit ups
12.      Skull Crushers and Leg Drops

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