4 Ways To Deal with Failure

Marisa Inda shares some important mindset tips.

-Learn to Have A Growth Mindset vs. A Fixed Mindset. Growth Mindset is saying, “ I cant lift that yet” versus fixed mindset of, “I’ll never be able to lift that.”
-Reframe Thoughts on Failure-failing isn’t a bad thing and provides a lot of learning lessons. instead of saying things like I’ve failed 5 times, say i’ve learned 5 things that didn’t work
-Learn to Control Self Doubt-it’s easy to doubt yourself when your confidence has been diminished , but you can Build confidence with smarter training. If you’re failing attempts in the gym, it can mentally take its toll come meet time. Make sure your training is giving you more assurance and not adding road blocks to your mental game. Remember, you control your thoughts so make them positive ones as much as possible, and make sure your programming is building you up for success both physically and mentally.
-Don’t Get Discouraged -You need to remember why you started competing in the first place. If you really look at the times you were most successful, it’s probably when you were actually having fun with the process, more mentally relaxed and not over-thinking every aspect of training.

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