30 Minute Power Pilates Workout | Summertime Fine 3.0 – Day 13

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Today is a full body pilates workout so be ready to turn up the burn! We will work for 45 seconds each and perform one round of each exercise! I used my 5 pound dumbbells but those dumbbells are optional so grab some weights if you would like but they are completely optional! Have a great time with this workout! GO CRUSH IT!

1.Heel lifted squat
2. Squat oblique crunch over
3. Squat with front raise
4. 1/2 lunge heel lift right
5. Right leg knee to elbow in 1/2 lunge
6. Right bent arm back fly and extend
7. 1/2 lunge heel lift left
8. Left leg knee to elbow in 1/2 lunge
9. Left bent arm back and extend
10. Superman bent arm pull downs
11. Side plank lift lower and glute lift
12. Canoe overhead
13. Tuck and release
14. Side plank lift lower and glute lift
15. Superman leg abductions
16. Slow push ups with single leg right
17. Bird dog right leg
18. Slow push ups with single leg left
19. Bird dog left leg
20. Plank knee drive right leg open up lift
21. Plank knee drive left leg open up lift
22. Single leg glute pulse and toe touch right
23. Single leg glute pulse and toe touch left

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