30 Minute Legs and Glutes Band Burner Workout | PRIME – Day 13

Welcome to your lower body workout today, I know you’re going to love this one! This routine is designed to target your legs and glutes, providing an epic burn and a powerful training intention. Stay tuned to our Up Next window for seamless transitions and make the most of your rest periods.
Each exercise will be performed for 3 rounds of 45 seconds, aiming for 8-12 reps per round. Push yourself to the limit and embrace the burn, aiming to reach failure by the third round. Select challenging resistance levels to maximize your results!
This workout includes a customized Warm-Up and Cool-Down. It’s perfect for a low-impact yet intense training session!

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Lateral Band Walk 3 steps and 3 Squats
3 lat raises and 3 kickbacks

Squat and ½ lunge tap back

Glute bridges 
Clam Shell Left 

Clam Shell Right
Superman lifts 

Fire Hydrant Circles Right 
Fire Hydrant Circles Left

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