15 Muscle Building Barbell Exercises

Utilise the barbell’s heavier load to get big, strong and powerful with our pick of the best barbell exercises for every muscle group. Barbells are an incredibly useful exercise tool. With just a few exercises, you can work out all the major muscle groups in the body, but they’re also your go-to if you’re looking to build bulk, too. By adding your own weights, you can control how hard you train, making barbells accessible even for fitness beginners.

00:00 Chest Press
00:47 Rest 2-3min
00:53 Glute Bridge
1:38 Rest 2-3min
1:43 Squat (on knees)
2:28 Rest 2-3min
2:34 Pendlay Row
3:19 Rest 2-3min
3:25 Concentration Curl
4:09 Rest 2-3min
4:16 Shrug
5:00 Rest 2-3min
5:06 Close Grip Curl
5:50 Rest 2-3min
5:56 Wrist Curl
6:42 Rest 2-3min
6:47 Upright Row
7:32 Rest 2-3min
7:38 Deadlift with Biceps Curl
8:22 Rest 2-3min
8:28 Wide Squat
9:13 Rest 2-3min
9:19 Curtsey Lunge
10:04 Rest 2-3min
10:10 Zercher Squat
10:55 Rest 2-3min
11:00 Good Morning
11:45 Rest 2-3min
11:51 Sumo Romanian Deadlift

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