14 Perfect Morning Stretches

Stretching before getting out of bed has many benefits… helping set the tone for a calm morning and day. Stretching helps conditions tendons and muscles, increases flexibility, can prevent injury and actually leads to greater strength. Morning stretches will help end aches in your joints and muscles. It only takes a few minutes to stretch and warm up your muscles and joints. Guide to Morning Stretches, Stretches For Back Health, Morning Stretches to Start Your Day, morning stretches yoga, morning stretches not yoga, morning stretches benefits, morning stretches for women

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0:00 Seated Stretch
0:43 Calf Stretch
1:29 Lying calf stretch
2:13 Adductor stretch
3:00 Swan Pose
3:46 Child Pose
4:31 Pilates on floor
5:16 Swimmer
6:01 Bird Dog
6:46 Lat Stretch
7:32 Back Rotation Stretch
8:19 Twist step stretch
9:24 Setu Bandhasana
10:09 Forward Spine Stretch

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