12 Muscle Strengthening Exercises to Do at Home for Posture

Keep your neck and spine healthy for life. Consistently good posture prevents your spine from becoming fixed in an abnormal position. It promotes circulation and decompresses the spine. Strengthen core muscles. One of the best ways to improve your posture is by exercises that target and strengthen the muscles that support good alignment.

00:00 Pelvic Tilt
00:48 Glute Bridge Walk
1:34 Bent Knee Lying Twist
2:19 Lying Prone Stretch
3:05 Dead Bug
3:50 Happy Baby Pose
4:36 Frog
5:21 Locust Pose
6:07 Puppy Pose
6:52 Superman
7:38 Dead Bug (version 2)
8:24 Floor Hyperextension

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