12 Exercises That Help You Get V-Cut ABS

The rectus abdominis is the six pack muscle you actually see. It’s a fairly superficial muscle and its main function is to flex the spine. Want to lose belly fat and get six pack abs for the summer? Start sculpting your abs with this super effective abs workout program. upper abs workout at home, upper abs workout gym, upper abs workout male, upper abs workout for beginners, exercises for upper abs female, upper abs workout without equipment, best upper abs exercises, lower abs workout at home, lower abs workout men, lower abs workout gym, lower abs workout women, most effective lower ab exercises, lower ab exercises for beginners, lower abdomen exercise for ladies at home

0:00 Crunch on Floor
0:39 Crunch (arms straight)
1:18 Lying Scissors Cross
2:05 Elevated Cycling
2:44 Lying Tuck Up Knee Tap
3:22 Legs Hold Arms Straight
4:10 Knee Tuck Oblique Crunch
5:13 Side Plank Leg raise
6:17 Elbow to Knee Side Plank
7:30 Inverted V Plank
8:08 Dynamic Knee Plank
8:47 Half Burpees

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