11 Exercises How to Build Your SHOULDERS and BACK

It’s easy to take the strength of our back and shoulders for granted. Many of the motions we perform in our daily lives such as carrying, reaching, twisting, turning, lifting, and bending, are dependent on our back and shoulder muscles.
A back and shoulder workout is so much more than a great form of exercise. It’s important to maintain strength and flexibility in these muscle groups to keep them functioning at an optimal level and also prevent injury.

0:00 BACK
0:12 Cable Seated Row
0:35 Dumbbell Bent over Row
1:10 Cable Underhand Pulldown
1:48 Swinging Leg Press Row
2:13 Cable Rope Low Row
2:43 Lying reverse dumbbell fly
3:05 DB Seated Lateral Raise
3:27 Barbell Skier
3:55 Dumbbell Seated Bent Arm Lateral Raise
4:15 Barbell Incline Row
4:45 Dumbbell Seated Alternate Front Raise
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