10 Min Reduce Leg Fat Workout Slim Your Legs

Thigh fat removal can happen naturally through proper diet and exercise. Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce body fat, including leg fat. How to lose leg fat in 1 week, what foods cause thigh fat. What causes inner thigh fat. Why are my legs so fat compared to the rest of my body, how to lose leg fat fast, foods that burn thigh fat fast. Exercises to lose leg fat, does walking reduce leg fat.

0:00 Single Leg Stretch (bent knee)
0:43 Prone lying leg curls
1:23 Adductor stretch
2:04 Lying Leg raise R
2:40 Lying Leg raise L
3:16 Lying Single Leg Raise
3:56 Unilateral hip bridge leg over knee
4:36 Prone frog kicks
5:17 Glute Bridge
5:57 Side Bow Stretch
6:38 Kneeling hip thrust
7:18 90 to 90 Stretch
7:59 Bent Leg Side Kick
8:39 Donkey Kicks
9:19 Single Leg Bridge
10:01 Pulse Squats

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