⭐GLOW UP CHALLENGE // Day 7: No Repeats HIIT Workout

This is it! Day 7 of my Glow Up Challenge and we are not messing around with today’s no Repeats HIIT Workout. This total body workout is a serious sweat fest packed full of all of my fave body-weight, no equipment exercises. Let’s finish this challenge strong team!! wooohooooo!

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Workout Breakdown:
Warm Up
1 No repeats HIIT Circuit 45s work + 15s rest x1 round
Cool Down & Stretch

Equipment Needed: exercise mat or other soft surface. The Mat I use: https://lululemon.prf.hn/l/Kj00Lb1

🌟Glow Up Challenge Videos
Day 1: https://youtu.be/4GNNtJbY0AA
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Day 7: https://youtu.be/w7e3T2wKVbg

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This is my own personal workout and may not be suited for you. It is strongly recommended that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. By engaging in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk.


Thanks for watching!

❤ Heather

Want to Buy a Treadmill? Here Are 3 Things to Look Out For

There is a difference in between buying an excellent treadmill and acquiring a fantastic treadmill. The former only supplies functions that will certainly assist you execute much better on the treadmill, such as broader running belts. The latter on the other hand does not supply all the same features as a good treadmill however more as well. So right here are 3 things you must look out for when you acquire a treadmill.

Here is Why You Too Should Buy a Treadmill

The gym is a truly sweet location. Practically every item of physical fitness devices can be found there, like those crazy 200lb weights huge individuals bench press, the leg press device bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman utilizes, and cardio equipment, like step-up machines, cycles and the treadmill. But there is one trouble …

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Want to Buy a Treadmill? These Are 2 Important Factors to Consider

A treadmill is a pretty costly device. I suggest, you normally acquire a treadmill for around $1500. That is a substantial amount of money so you need to ensure you choose an appropriate one which will certainly help you burn those damned calories and assist you stay fit as well as healthy and balanced. So prior to you buy a treadmill, take into consideration these 2 vital features that you must keep a look out for.

The Secret of Knowing How to Buy a Treadmill

If you are looking to purchase a treadmill, there are a couple things you require to look out for. This is to make sure your investment doesn’t wind up being a total waste of cash. I highly urge you to make certain that the treadmill you are seeking to purchase has these two attributes.

Gymnastic Trampolining

Trampolining is an affordable gymnastic sport with the key function concentrating on the execution of balancings whilst bouncing on the trampoline. The point system of gymnastic trampolining is loved one to the degree of problem of the jump being done.

Workout Balls Get Results

The workout sphere, also referred to as an exercise ball, offers you a huge advantage when it involves work out outcomes. Learn more about the Top 4 exercises to do with an exercise sphere.

Could You Lose Weight Just by Treadmill Walking?

Treadmills have become one of one of the most prominent tools down at the health club and sales of home treadmills have actually skyrocketed in current years. But is this popularity warranted as well as is it really feasible to shed weight simply by strolling on a treadmill for a couple of mins each day?

Octane Elliptical Trainers – The Innovation Transformation

Every when in a while, an ingenious piece of workmanship goes along, and also takes your breath away. That holds true with the Octane Elliptical Trainers. This item is so reasonably priced for the quality and longevity that accompanies it.

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